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The Norton Fire-Rescue Dive team will continue to update training and be ready to be called out in town and out at a moments notice.

Windows 10 users are getting the first major update to the operating system in just under a year, with the release of the Anniversary Update.

The Norton Core is a compact dome-shaped device that measures just 6 by 6 by 5 inches (15 by 15 by 13 cm).

Experience the professional-strength protection of Symantec’s award-winning Norton Security software.

All department personell are ice rescue trained yearly.

The department has eight Mustang Ice Commander suits along with six Gumby suits.

Norton Security offers a host of key technologies that can independently run on multiple devices.

These products allow for multiple compatible platforms to receive the same great protection.

This is a new app-enabled router that has built-in security to protect the entire home, rather than just an individual computer, the way Norton Security software does.

The Norton Core, however, has gone one step further by making the protection comprehensive to home users.

Via the mobile app, you can monitor the network and see a list of online threats that the router has blocked.

However, following the update Microsoft has reduced this period to 10 days.

Microsoft claims it reduced the period after noticing that most users who chose to switch back did so within a few days of upgrading, adding the change will free storage space on users' machines.


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