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Inout Social Tile is a PHP and My SQL based perfect choice for instantly starting your own competitive social networking site.

Features include # Elegant tile interface-provides an easy access to entire features # Unlimited...

DFT attributes are not designed to handle multiple responses.

Maybe in a future release there will be a DFTL attribute which defaults a list of responses.

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It is not a good idea to mix your program files and data files in the same folder. This would copy the files from the destination folder back to the source folder.

If you have a long list of responses to default you can store them in a group response dictionary to save room in the attribute.

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So here are a few tips on how to organize your data files.

Ideally, all your data files should be kept under a single folder (such as "My Documents" or ""Data") organized into sub folders by subject or type of application.


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