Scott dating rap

Recent rumors of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott dating have been ignited with another Coachella sighting.

The two were spotted together at last weekend’s edition of the big music festival, but now have been seen together again, this time showing a bit of affection.

The former couple broke up several times over the years, most recently at the top of this month.

Travis is currently on his “Birds Eye View Tour” and is prepping his third album, Astro World.

According to the flirtologists over at -shared video from Coachella in which those aforementioned hands are supposedly caught in the act of being mutually held, or whatever.KJ was there with her own pals, but the social media clip of them holding hands doesn't lie. they've been close for years, since they both appeared in a Justine Skye music video.We're told they were super flirty in the desert, and although nothing was consummated ... From the looks of it, they moved a BIG step closer to banging in Houston.The news caught some fans of Kylie by surprise, while others seemed happy that she had ditched her on-and-off boyfriend.Just recently, photos of Tyga with Jordan Ozuna came to the attention of the social media masses.Spilling the tea to they said,“She’s one of Kylie [Jenner]’s friends.


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