Radgrid pagesize not updating

The "Cancel" command will close the edited item and will automatically refresh the grid.

Furthermore, here are the internally recognized command arguments you can check: Note that you can also set the Command Argument property of a built-in Grid Button Column or a Link Button/Button/Image Button residing in Grid Template Column to a custom value and then intercept the Item Command event to determine the command argument for the clicked button (if needed).

My problem is that when I set the page size manually, the Page Size Changed event gets fired and throws my code into an infinite loop.

NET page framework provides a technique called event bubbling that allows a child control to propagate events up its containment hierarchy.

Event bubbling enables events to be raised from a more convenient location in the controls hierarchy and allows event handlers to be attached to the original control as well as to the control that exposes the bubbled event. The integrated paging in Rad Grid is also based on commands, with Command Name "Page" (or Rad Grid.

As a hack, I created a boolean that is set when the Page Size Changed event gets fired.

How do I set the page size on a Rad Grid control without triggering the Page Size Changed event?


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