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An aged care facility in Adelaide's north is trying to retain its federal accreditation after an audit revealed compliance failures in areas including clinical care, privacy, complaint handling, staffing and medication management.As Adelaide stirs the pot with some major decisions regarding energy generation, let's take a look through history at some other big decisions that haven't turned out so well for the City of Churches.

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There are two different statutory defences available to the defendant.

The first relates to the offence of having sexual intercourse with a person who is below the age of 14 years.

The only defence available is to argue that the objective elements of the offence have not been made out by the prosecution.

Furthermore, continued criminalisation robs authorities of information about other matters associated to sex work like immigration issues, serious and organised crime or money laundering he said.

Ultimately, criminalisation marginalises workers and leaves them trapped in an industry that’s hard to plan for to escape.


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