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Taxi are plentiful and fares will range between .00-.00.

The Stata Center is located a few blocks away from the MBTA Red line Kendall/MIT stop (directions).

Please register using the registration page hosted by the W3C Web-Based Straw-poll system. For more information, see the Multi-Group Meeting page.

1 Introduction Within the last decades our society has changed from a product-oriented economy to a service-oriented and knowledge-centered economy.Therefore, employees’ knowledge and competences need to be adapted adequately.Consequently, educational goals have also changed significantly, as outlined in [1].This paper aims to give a consolidated review on the development in these two years; which technologies and trends proved to be enduring and how the concept of Web 2.0 has influenced E- Learning in this time.The basic concepts summarized in the term E-Learning 2.0 are presented as well as tangible examples of their implementation. I am not totally down with their wearables/digital strategy but overall…


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