Dating pictures sexy

Maybe your photo with a fake moustache gets lots of attention from guys, in which case, keep doing your thing.But if you’re wondering why you’re not doing as well as you thought you would online dating, goofy profile pictures might be the culprit.

This is not to say that you need to book an appointment for a sultry photo shoot ASAP, but in general, you, smiling naturally at the camera, or looking relaxed in a candid shot, is much sexier than you hamming it up with a donkey at the Grand Canyon.Look at a dozen profile pics, and at least one will be taken while sitting in a car. Cats would also hop onto the car-pic bandwagon, although theirs would be taken inside a carrier. People actually use some blurry-a** selfie as their primary profile pic, and they think, “This is is one that’s gonna reel in my true love.” They have to think that, because why else would they use it?Desperate cats might also utilize a blurry selfie for the same reasons humans do, which continues to be a mystery.In fact, I know many people who found the love of their life on the pages of Ok Cupid, Tinder and There’s definitely something to be said about the modern technology intervening in our love lives.Similar to meeting someone in real life, this is the first impression a person has to make on potential mates.


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