Dating and marriage practices in morocco

Per Khadija, this is the new secret dating game that can be found throughout urban Morocco.

Here are some examples: The lush gardens offer the perfect place for hidden romance: The gorgeous flowering trees offer perfect protection from the sun: Per Khadija, this is what is going on. If you are interested in getting to know someone from the opposite sex, then technically you need to meet them in a public place with a third person present, usually a member from the family such as a brother.

Nowadays, Kasbahs are still a beautiful place to live, with its traditional whitewashed and brilliant blue blue painted buildings and stunning, winding alleyways with gorgeous, lush gardens and views of either the landscape or in Oudaias case, the magnificent blue sea.

With Khadija as our tour guide, we spent the afternoon exploring the lovely Kasbah and all its splendors, including the hidden Moroccan dating game.

Once again, I found myself at the city’s beloved landmark of beauty: the Kasbah des Oudaias.

A Kasbah is a fortified area that once housed the ruling family, its guards and everything needed for living under attack.

If the parents of groom are pretty affluent, they send opulent golden jewelry, clothing, and perfumes for the bride.As mentioned in my earlier post (Islam 101), dating is forbidden in the Islamic world.Premarital sex and even kissing the opposite sex is a no-no.In North Africa, the native Amazigh people, under the leadership of the able Princess Kahina and General Kousseila, initially resisted the Arab colonizers.They adopted a different approach in later attempts: accepting the cultural , adopting it, and giving the traditions Islamic names.The “Furnishing Party” is an important pre-wedding ceremony that takes place five days before the fixed wedding date.


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